This week’s 5 sexiest #asianhunk posts on Instagram

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Yen Feng

Yen Feng

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Sometimes, in between meetings, I like to get lost in Instagram’s feeds with hashtags like #asianhunk – purely for work-related purposes, of course.

Here’s this week’s round up of the best of the lot – in my humble opinion. What other hashtags do you search for when you want to jer appreciate the male body?

  1. theo.steven78

This fitness professional from Jakarta is an ambassador for a number of protein drink companies in Indonesia. Anyone thirsty yet? I sure am.

2. rafael_vigal_official

Rafael works as a front office manager at a hotel in the Philippines. He can help me carry my bags to the room anytime…

3. dear_atha

As a fitness and swimming instructor, this Thai hunk is used to getting sweaty and wet. I imagine that’s how his clients feel too when they’re training next to him…

4. pekae_tws

The second Thai national on our list this week, Taweesit sells chilli pork crackling and models swimwear on the side. Both equally hot and yummy, I reckon.

5. sunsunnns

This actor-model-fitness trainer is thinking about social distancing in this post… but all I can think of is getting closer… With my mask on, of course. Safety first!

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