What will “Get You Sex”? A seductive blend of magnolia, musk & other scents

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Yen Feng

Yen Feng

Yen is a freelance editor and yoga instructor at @yen.yoga on Instagram/TikTok and @yenyogasg on Telegram.


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Something magical happens when you light a candle. The wick comes to life, the slender flame settles and holds steady. Its scent begins to spread. A mood is set.

For Ernz Lim, there is something inherently ritualistic about lighting a candle. “The act of lighting a candle is sort of like a ritual – if you know what I mean. Like think about when you’re about to start a yoga class, the roomy space and the spiritually elevating music… it all helps to set you in the right frame of mind.”

Name: Ernz Lim
Age: 30
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Nationality/Ethnicity: Singapore/Chinese
Home: Singapore
Relationship status: I am he/him and identify as a demisexual – probably why I’ve been single for a long time. I need that connection and a personality that intrigues me.

Ernz’s passion for candles led him to found Super Lit Candle last year, an online retail store that sells candles with unique and custom scents. This was during the circuit breaker in Singapore, when everyone was on lock-down and encouraged to stay home.

“I was wondering what I could do to ‘escape’ momentarily, and the idea came to me. I wanted scents that I couldn’t really find out there – scents that are just so… me. So after some trial and error and getting feedback from my friends, I started this new business,” said the 30-year-old entrepreneur, who also manages the Instagram feed for asia.gay.

Here’s our interview with Ernz and links are below if you’re interested to buy some candles, including a very special one he designed just for asia.gay!

Hi Ernz! Thanks for doing this interview with us! Tell us about how Super Lit Candle started. What gave you the confidence and/or inspiration to start your own business?

It was during the circuit breaker in Singapore where everyone is stuck at home. There were two weeks when we could only go out to get grocery or take-outs and everything else was closed, and I thought, what can I do to try and “escape” the feeling of being stuck at home, and also ease the anxiety for not just myself but others.

Everyone was also starting to explore new skill sets and doing things they normally don’t do or didn’t have time to do, and there was also a boom in home-based businesses. I have always wanted to do something of my own, and that is how Super Lit Candle started. I searched the web, watched tons of YouTube videos and played around and even created my own website with Shopify, which I later shut down since I figured Shopee and Lazada made more sense just in terms of saving resources.

Congratulations on taking that first step! What makes Super Lit Candles unique? Is it in the quality, or the scent, or something else?

Super Lit Candle is made with quality soy wax – this makes the candles more sustainable and each scent is unique and small-batch, curated by me, from the scent to the look of the candle.

What is your most intense memory about scents? What was the scent and what did it evoke for you

Ever since I started Super Lit Candle, I am more sensitive to scents around me. I pay more attention to what I find nice and what my friends like. Not to sound weird, but there is this guy who smells really nice. The scent smells so comfortable and nice, something I can go to sleep with and it’s the good kind of sleep. It wasn’t the perfume he uses, it’s just the scent he emits and I told him that it smells so good that it should either be made into a perfume or a candle! I am still wondering how to do that, so if anyone knows, please slide into my DMs!

Do you have a favourite scent? What does it mean to you or how does it make you feel?

I do not have a favourite scent, it depends on my mood and time of the day. But something that smells calming and comfy is always nice and my go-to scent. Which is why there’s a current scent that’s called “Calm”. Another scent I like is “Daddy”, which is insanely strong and it perfumes the area even when you don’t light it up. Daddy and Calm won’t be available forever though, as I like to change up my scents on offer from time to time, which keeps it interesting and fun since I get to constantly play with new scents.

Can you give a sneak peek of some upcoming scents?

Yes, I am really excited about the collaboration with asia.gay! I called it “Get you sex” because lighting up a nice scented candle sets the mood and ambience and doing so prior to sex is such a nice touch! It could also be a conversation starter, which can lead to something else… if you know what I mean.

7. Last question! What kind of guys are you into, haha!

I am a demisexual, so it’s all about connection and personality! And of course, I have a soft spot for cute personality and a cute face.

Thinking of something sexy to get your boyfriend or partner for Valentine’s Day? Check out Ernz’s Get You Sex candle, a collab with asia.gay. And here are more links to find out about Super Lit Candle and Ernz at his Instagram.

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