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5 moderately rich gift ideas for bae on Valentine’s Day

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Yen Feng

Yen Feng

Yen is a freelance editor and yoga instructor at on Instagram/TikTok and @yenyogasg on Telegram.


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Everyone is talking about the new show on Netflix called Bling Empire – and no wonder, with the huge success of Crazy Rich Asians in 2018, it seems people just can’t get enough of Asian people showing off their wealth.

Now given that there aren’t so many real-life Crazy Rich Asians around, it got me wondering – what sort of gifts might a Moderately Rich or Somewhat Rich Asian get for his bae on Valentine’s Day? Clearly, the possibilities are endless. Here’s what I found on Google.

1. Men’s 2ct Diamond & 1.33ct Ruby Cocktail or Engagement Ring – US$40,668.31

Only one left, boys. Yes, it looks flamboyant but it is also “powerful and uncompromising”. Honestly not my style but then again I’m one of those Not Rich At All Asians. Here’s the completely un-ironic description of the ring from DeMer Jewelry.

“This intoxicating and intricate gent’s cocktail ring makes no apologies for its unabashed decadence. A whopping 2.00 carat diamond is set in an exclusive and very solid “star bezel” setting. This not only holds your stunning gem aloft and on display for the world, but allows the refraction of light to play off the precious black rhodium antiquing and the polished European grey gold.”

2. The Mirror – US$1,495

It calls itself an “invisible home gym” – but what it really is, is a “mirror” that offers you personalised workouts. Trainers shown on the screen provide motivation and live feedback, and advanced camera technology and proprietary algorithms change up the workouts based on your goals and preferences. Add this to your workouts and you can also be a Crazy Fit Asian.

3. RADMINI4 Electric Bike – US$1,499

Don’t let the “mini” in its name fool you. Sure, the RadMini can quickly fold when you need some extra room, but this e-bike packs quite a punch when you’re ready for action and adventure. Power, convenience, and versatility make this rugged space-saver a truly unique addition to any arsenal.

This electric bike was built for the man who doesn’t want to overexert himself during a ride, but who’s also lacking an abundance of storage space.

4. Wooden Handcrafted Football Table – US$5,225

If you love to play foosball, this RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Football Table brings a little interactive soccer action to your home… as well as fine craftsmanship.

This table is made out of polyester painted steel, with an HPL field surface and Iroko wood legs; all are elements that will endure use outdoors as well as in. The same goes for the hand-painted aluminum players. This is the kind of game that will keep you and your ball-crazy partner occupied for hours.

5. Super Lit Candle x “Get You Sex” – US$45

If you’re looking not to splurge for a gift, why not consider this handsome candle, with its seductive blend of exotic fruits and fragrances to lure your partner into the bedroom.

Created with bergamot, magnolia, and musk, among other spices, the candle releases a scent that’s fresh yet masculine at the same time – perfect for a night in on Valentine’s Day, with or without riches.

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