This week’s 5 sexiest #asianhunk posts on Instagram

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Yen Feng

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TGIF everyone! This week we have our eyes on some hunks from Thailand, China, South Korea, and Indonesia. Who’s your favourite and do you have anyone to recommend to us for this list? Let us know!

1. @nackkz

This fashion influencer needs no introduction in Thailand, with over 100k followers on Instagram. People say “clothes maketh the man” – but for Chatnarong, it’s clearly the other way round.

2. @monkey_shengjie

The caption reads: “Training has become a part of my life, it can’t be separated!” That’s how I feel about fried chicken… and probably why I’ll never end up on this list!

3. @xxmidnight_

This fitness model from South Korea is also the general manager of the Kis’s Gym in Gunsan. With a nick like xxmidnight_ and muscles for days, he’s definitely a great fit for the brand.

4. @pt_yjh

Our second hunk from Korea this week, this Asian Adonis likes to post shirtless selfies with inspirational quotes and we are here for it.

5. chrisnaputra92

We’re closing this week with Chrisna, a freelance personal trainer based in Bali. Chrisna says he loves tattoos, and boy do we love them too… on him.

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