Discover your home away from home at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa

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As an avid world traveler, you would imagine I’d be acclimatised to the sights, smells and feels of hotels but quite the opposite. Every opportunity to busk in the “suite” life gets me all riled up.

So, the fact that the world has hit an iceberg with this pandemic with no end in sight, it was a blessing to have the opportunity to escape to Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa.

Upon reaching the front desk two hours before the actual check-in time, we were welcomed with an amazing aroma of lemongrass ginger that filled the lobby. It’s the kind of scent you’d want your house to have at every waking moment. We got our key and was swiftly transported by buggy to our couple suite with direct pool access at Larkhill Terrace.

The suite was priced in the $500 range and we had intended to use the SingapoRediscover voucher but upon checkout, the site was uncooperative, and we decided to forgo the vouchers and look into donating it instead. We would recommend this room for people looking for more privacy and not have to worry about booking slots to use the pool, especially during this pandemic. 

Right after the mandatory room tour recording, we ordered room service from the in-house restaurant, Shutters. We subsequently proceeded to fill up the donut float and hit the pool. After some laps, I floated around the pool without a care in the world like it was my personal lazy river.

The weather was perfect at this time with imminent showers approaching towards the late afternoon, hence the early check in.

After some time wafting around the pool, the sight of our Eggs Benedict approaching was the only thing that could get us out. Not sure if it was the hunger, but the cream and richness of the perfectly poached egg and sauce made it the best I’ve ever had. Shutters offers other familiar items on the menu, like Nasi Lemak and Bak Chor Mee but I don’t know any Singaporean that would pay $25 for our everyday local delights…

After a decadent meal, I ran myself a bath while also opening a bottle of white wine. During what I like to call an old-fashioned bubble bath, I had chanced upon the Fort Siloso Skypark while browsing on my phone and thought we’d take a chance to hike this picturesque trail.

However, the rain beat us to it as we set off to our hiking adventure. Hence, we turned back and instead spontaneously indulged in the complimentary mini bar filled with chocolates and juices. We finally concluded the night with some Spanish cuisine at FOC before retiring and immersing ourselves in the luxurious King-sized bed.

With only a matter of hours left, we decided to invest some time investigating the compound and the other facilities available. It was quite refreshing to see the vast greenery and wild peacocks and roosters while strolling from the pool, pass the Glass Pavilion perfect for small weddings especially during this period and finally the gym.

And after checking out what the fitness center had to offer, it is definitely one of the better hotel gyms with a wide range of equipment and a decent size. And although the pool isn’t as glamorous as one would think, it does pride itself with a breathtaking view of the South China Sea.

We decided to head back to Larkhill Terrace and relish in the infinity pool again before checkout. Amara provides a QR code to scan and request for amenities or pool bookings. However, as efficient as that sounds, despite having requested for various amenities nothing arrived and gave the concierge a ring instead.

Most of the attractions around Sentosa are closed from Monday to Wednesdays hence it wouldn’t be a good idea to book during a staycation during these days if you’re planning to visit Universal Studios, the SEA Aquarium, etc. Amara offers a heritage trail, but we only had time for one and decided to stop by Madame Tussauds instead.

Went into it with very low expectations but was blown away by the experience. Having been to Madame Tussauds in Vegas, I remember it being purely wax figurines but here in Sentosa, it was education, interactive and fun! Tickets were $30 for two thanks to a discount I found online.

A prerequisite for this staycation was to feel like home away from home and Amara Sanctuary definitely had more hits than misses for me. Although the amenity service was not as efficient as one would hope for, a huge advantage of our suite was having a private pool.

With most hotels today, guests would need to book slots to use the common pool and that can be a huge inconvenience at times. For anyone looking to get away with friends, family or their significant other this hotel is conveniently located close to Resorts World or a bus ride away to many other attractions.

From the adrenaline junkies to nature lovers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Dannel George

A spontaneous traveller and tea connoisseur, Dannel sees every audacious and weird experience as a potential travel tale – one he will tell his fans when he inevitably becomes famous.

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