5 easy ways to zhng up your staycation

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Yen Feng

Yen Feng

Yen is a freelance editor and yoga instructor at @yen.yoga on Instagram/TikTok and @yenyogasg on Telegram.


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For most people living in Singapore, going for a staycation can seem like the height of indulgence: “I’m just going to totally ignore the fact that I have a place to stay, and go spend hundreds of dollars to stay at a hotel probably less than an hour away.”

But if you’ve been on a staycation, you’ll know that it’s not about the money. It’s about changing your immediate environment, and giving yourself a fresh setting to decompress and regroup. It’s about the value of rest and recovery. And with leisure travel still in limbo, staycations are your best bet to live out your fantasy getaway – without your passport.

What are some ways you can “zhng” – or upgrade – your experience? Here are five suggestions.

BYOAB – Bring Your Own Adult Beverage

Without question, this is going to really help you relax and have fun – and go easy on your wallet. Drink prices at hotels are notoriously marked up, and with the alcohol tax in this city, expect to pay upwards of $20 for a cocktail, GST included. If you don’t have any drinks at home, pop by a 7-11 or any convenience store to pick up a few bottles of wine or some beer. Cheers to a fab staycation!

Ask the front desk about your pillows

Many hotels now offer a selection of pillows for your comfort. The Fullerton, Pan Pacific, Swiss Merchant Court are some hotels in Singapore that let guests choose from a “pillow menu”. Some examples might include contour, latex, cotton, or microfibre. Go ahead and ask the front desk to bring some to your room for testing. A good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold!

Book your facilities in advance

With social distancing guidelines, many hotels have restrictions to use of its facilities, such as the swimming pool and the gym – both natural gathering points for the male gay species. Before you go on your staycation, be sure to call up the hotel to ask about these guidelines and check if you can book your slot in advance. If you wait until the time you check in, all the slots may already have been taken up!

Plan your adventures in the vicinity

Unless you’re planning to sleep all day, planning your adventures can save you tons of time and give you options to answer the evergreen Singapore question: “Where to eat?” Before your staycation, take some time to check out the neighbourhood you’ll be in, and what might interest you and/or your partner. Word of advice: You’ll want to check online about opening hours and whether there’s a need to purchase tickets in advance for any activities you might be planning.

And last but not least… invite your buddies!

The best memories are those filled with love and laughter, so go ahead and invite your buddies to share in your amazing staycation. Most hotels will have some general guidelines on how many guests you can have in your room, so be sure to ask ahead of time – though, in my opinion, a threesome or foursome is just right – and always welcome in my bed book.

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