Time to get that post-pandemic summer body back. Here’s how

Written by:

Wesley Lo

Wesley Lo

Wesley is a health and fitness coach in Hong Kong, with a passion for finding ways to improve health, longevity and athletic performances.


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It’s been more than a year since the pandemic struck and it’s time to get that summer body back. While it’s still not possible to travel as freely as before, you never know when you’ll need to flash your abs! For most people, that means exercising more and eating less to cut down body fat. Is that the right thing to do?

Not one solution fits all

It’s important to understand our bodies and what our proportions are to decide if we should gain more mass, or drop more fat. For example, if a person is 185cm tall, weighing 150lbs, I’m not sure why he needs to drop more body fat to look good. A little belly fat is fine! On the other hand, a person might have six-pack abs, but tiny shoulders and thin legs. That does not look good at all. 

So in my opinion, I think the goal of preparing for a summer body is not only to lose fat, but to make the body composition better and more balanced. 

Less body fat and shredded

To be honest, it is much easier for guys to drop body fat, in my fitness coaching experience. We don’t have as many hormonal issues, and we tend to have more muscle mass, which means we have a higher metabolic rate.

Intermittent Fasting? Not necessary unless you have a habit of eating snacks. My suggestion: Go for six days with a calories deficit, then one day to refeed, which means 50g – 80g extra carbohydrates to keep the body burning without slowing down.

Combine this with some weight training or HIIT, and your body will burn fat like a machine. Please understand there is no quick fix – this is a numbers game. If you don’t set a correct plan to follow, your dream will just be a fairy-tale – with no happy ending.

More muscle pump

We have to face the truth: building muscle takes time.

Our muscles are mainly designed to help us navigate our external environment – from resistance training to daily activities, and even gravity. When we don’t give our muscles any stimulation, they have no reason to grow or become stronger.

So if we want to make our muscles look bigger and fuller, we will need to lift heavier weights. This will result in more blood flow – meaning, shorter resting times between sets when you’re at the gym. Do note however that I’m talking about modeling the muscle, and not necessarily building strength.

Apart from going to the gym, a supplement like AAKG (arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate) can also help to pump up your muscles. AAKG is an essential part of the nitric oxide cycle in the body, which allows us to have better blood flow. As always, be sure to consult your doctor and do your own research before using any supplements.

I hope all of you will be able to find a protocol that works for you in your quest to unveil your summer body in 2021. Understanding your body, its weaknesses and strengths, and achieving your goals in part of a rewarding fitness journey. Never stop improving!