I once came more than 20 times while making love to my boyfriend

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Jinn Kin Kee

Jinn Kin Kee

Tinkerer. Composer. Conundrum. Accidental Porn Star.


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To be exact, 26 times during a 30-minute fuck.

I know because my boyfriend and I filmed ourselves for kinks and giggles. Ok, ok. Wait a minute. Maybe I didn’t cum 26 times, but I did have 26 orgasms. They were usually preceded with “I’m gonna… uhh… uhh… oh yeahh… mmmm…” or something to that effect. After about 10 orgasms, words completely failed me, and I just went, “oh yeahhhh… mmmm… fuck yeah….”

Let’s talk about orgasms. The male orgasm is quite a thing to behold. There’s the raw, horny, lead-up as you approach Orgasm Hill, then as you approach the top, it feels so effin’ good that you


So you keep going and then at the top, you shoot your jizz in those short few seconds of ecstatic, earth-shaking pleasure. Immediately after, you completely deflate and feel a little embarrassed at yourself for your dirty deed.

There are generally two stages when it comes to the male orgasm. After arousal comes the emissions stage – this is where you jizz. Then, there’s the refractory period, where the penis loses its erection after ejaculation. During this period, it’s physiologically impossible to achieve another orgasm. 

The trick to having multiple orgasms is to NOT reach the refractory period. I figured out years ago that I could fuck and as I approached the top of that hill, all I had to do was slow the fuck down, like really slow down my thrusting, and just hold myself at the top of that planet rendering, feel-good ecstasy.

I know this sounds crazy – the length of the refractory period varies greatly from person to person, from a few minutes to 24 hours, or longer. In fact, there are studies that suggest some guys can orgasm without ejaculating, allowing them to have multiple “dry” orgasms and no refractory period.

That’s what it feels like for me when I have multiple orgasms. For the first few orgasms, cum does ooze out of my cock, but as the orgasms continue, I get pretty much emptied out. There’ll be cum leaking out of my boyfriend’s ass, but no cum out of my cock. The smell of cum drives me wild and I just love to keep going till my muscles are quivering from exhaustion.

Perhaps I am making it sound really easy, but it did take a lot of practice. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best things I have ever learnt to do. What’s there not to like? Orgasms that keep coming, and the frenzied fucking of the person you love.

It took me some years of practice, but I realised that once I managed to do it once, I could repeat it. Practice didn’t just mean fucks, it also meant edging my own cock during masturbation. That is an adventure in itself! Oozing cum over and over again while playing with my own cock. Mmm!

But that’s another story for another time. 

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