From Orphanage to Olympics

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More than any sports, diving has the ability to make spectators wet. I mean, the big splashes and all that … (Those tight bodies barely covered with skimpy bikinis also don’t help keep us dry either… just saying.)

For the gay audience, diving holds extra meaning. The issue of homosexuality in the Olympic Games made an early appearance in 1994-5 when the American legend Greg Louganis – perhaps the greatest diver in history — came out as gay and HIV positive. His revelation caused an intense semi-homophobic debate around the failure to reveal his HIV status after hitting his head on the springboard and bleeding into the pool during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games seven years earlier.

Diving has come a long way since. Tom Daley’s struggle with being a gay athlete under public eyes paved way for other LGBTQ athletes to come out. This year the British sweetheart not only won his well-deserved gold in 3-meter platform synchronized diving, but also stole our hearts when he was seen on camera knitting for his husband writer Dustin Lance Black and their son.

But Daley is no longer the only darling for gay viewers. Many have also fallen in love with the 22-years-old Jordan Windle with his amazing life story.

Born in Cambodia, Jordan was placed in an orphanage when he was one year old after having lost his parents. Fortunately, he was adopted by Jerry Windle, a single gay man who had trouble trying to adopt in his native US.

Six years later, Jordan’s talent for the sport was spotted when he went to a summer camp. He was soon enrolled in a diving program and continued to shine ever since. Having grown up with gay people all his life and been bullied for his interracial adoption and gay father, Jordan is vocal about LGBTQ rights.

Before Tokyo, Jordan has been mentored by no less than the 4-time Olympic gold medalist Louganis himself. He finished 9th place in Tokyo, and we look forward to seeing more of this 22-years-old in the 2024 Paris Games.

Some may be disappointed by the fact that Jordan is reportedly straight. However, we hope that his inspiring life story and sexy Angkor Wat tattoo will motivate you to find an Olympian in you (or inside you, if you’re lucky!)

@image source Jordan Windle’s FaceBook

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