Beginner Tips on How To Be a Good Top

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Technically, anyone that can stay hard can be a top.  However, you don’t want to be just a hard cock entering bottom’s holes. You want to be the kind of top that bottoms crave for. The type of top that will have bottoms messaging how they can’t stop thinking about the last time you fucked them. We have a few tips and tricks on how to become an insatiable top. 

Bottoming is not only about dicked down. In order for a bottom to have a good time they have to be relaxed. That is why foreplay is so important! Take the time to treat your bottom right before you even penetrate him. Pay attention to his body language and discover the sweet spots that make him go wild. 

Communication is key. Ask him what he wants. Exactly what he wants. This can lead to some hot and sexy dirty talk. While they are telling exactly what they want, don’t forget to compliment him. Tell him how hot and horny he is making you feel and that you cannot wait to penetrate him. 

Before you penetrate him loosen him up and prepare him. You can loosen his asshole by eating him out, fingering him or both. 

Life is not a porno! Finding someone and immediately treating them like a pancake is not only unrealistic but very painful! Even if the bottom is begging for you to pound his ass until he sees starts you have to start slow. 

Start off by pushing the head against his hole and continue to push inside him slowly and continuously. It best to keep moving slowly than to start, stop and start again. 

If you are well hung do not give him your entire length the first penetration. Let the bottom get used to how big your cock is first. Save the extra inches for when he is able to handle it. You’ll know exactly when your bottom is ready to take on your full length. It will be a lovely surprise for you. 

When your bottom is relaxed enough to take all of you. You can start to speed up and giving it to him. Anal sex is not just about ramming your dick inside a guy. A good top will play with the bottom. A good top will play with the bottom’s cock, caress him, talk dirty to him, and lick his sweet spots to make him go wild. 

Keep it in! You do not have to go karma sutra and try every position there is. If it feels good for the both of you, keep it going! You do not have to go over the top and fuck like rabbits either! Keeping a solid pace and alternating between fast and slow rhythms are good. 

If you are pounding away remember not to get too carried away. You might end up cumming too early. You want to try and hold out. But that does not mean you have to hold out all night long and for hours. Good sex is about technique and not duration. 

Pay attention to him and find his sweet spot. While you’re fucking him make sure you pay attention to his facial expressions. You’ll know which position hit his G Spot. You’ll just know!

Don’t forget to make yourself feel good! Find what makes you and him feel good and keep going at it. If you like your nipples played with while you’re fucking him, tell him to grab your pecs! Sex is all about making each other happy. That is the secret to being a good top. 


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