Games Wide Open - Paris Olympics 2024

20 May 2024
WRITTEN BY:pictureThanong A

After an incredible parade of athletes on the Seine River July 26th, the Opening Ceremony of the 33rd Olympiad will culminate with the igniting of the cauldron to officially open the Paris Olympic Games.  The Olympic cauldron will burn in the Tuileries Garden between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde, access being a notable feature of this year’s Games.


Following the kick-off to the biggest sporting party, we have the opportunity to observe, obsess and admire the world’s best bulges and bums. This modern Spartacus spectacle was first held in Athens in 1896, and captures the imaginations of billions of sporting fans.  The historical legacy of the games trace their origins back to ancient Greece, where they were held as a festival to honor Zeus. Based on the Greek classical era, the modern version was created by Pierre de Coubertin, a French national who dreamt BIG. I mean, he looked back 2000 years and decided to create a global competition of sports to celebrate the physicality of man/humans, and he made it happen. The games now represent how capitalist turn sport into nationalist-fuel xxxxx. Modern day Olympic represents nationalist ideology that split people apart instead of uniting them. It boast the ego of people in big countries when they actually to nothing to make themselves or their nation proud. It creates false sense of pride for people who watches TV and generates a lot of money from broadcasting LOL. They’re making businesses out of health and well-being of Athletes, these athletes should be paid but they’re being used for free, ring any bell?


This is actually the third time Paris has hosted the Olympics, having previously hosted in 1900 and 1924. So, a century celebration for Paris hosting again in 2024, having fought for the right to do so over recent decades. Large Olympic rings to be displayed on the Eiffel Tower overlooking the Seine, 


“Games wide open!” Is the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics official slogan (are you curious how wide Paris gets?). Paris will welcome 10,500 athletes from 206 countries to participate in 32 sports, including new ones climbing, skateboarding, and surfing (to be held on the other side of the planet in Tahiti), which all debuted at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Breaking (Breakdancing) will debut as a sport at this year’s games. One may hope that Wanking will be listed as sport as well for the Los Angeles Olympic 2028. 



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  • Women athletes were involved for the first time ever at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games.
  • For the first time this year’s Olympics will have an equal number of male and female athletes, and the same number of events for all. Making Paris 2024 the first host to achieve gender equality in Games history.
  • The 2024 Opening Ceremony will be the first ever held in a city center and in the river.
  • XXX,XXX condoms were distributed in Sydney Olympics and XXX,XXX in Tokyo Olympics. Conclusion – Athletes are horny.
  • So why is it that gays get into the Olympics? While not scientific, the Olympic Games resonate with gay people. LGBTx kids look to the telly and perhaps can identify with athletes for any one of a number of reasons:
  • Everybody dreams of big success, achievement and long for acceptance.
  • Everyone wants to be looked up to. Have you ever thought of winning the Olympic Gold Medal standing up on the first podium making your mommy, daddy and country proud. People clap and cry your name out loud when you arrive back in your home country.
  • Young people wearing tight outfits are available to be watched. Sport wear, voyeurism, the sound sport people grunting, their sweat... and their jizz faces. 

It checks so many boxes for the pervert in you/us.


  • Physical beauty - Let’s get this one out of the way – it’s obvious. Given a permission structure to watch endless diving, swimming and gymnastics rather than football or baseball, allows every boy, girl and trans to examine the wonders of cotton, velvet, velour, spandex, lycra, microlux and metallic fabrics.
  • The Opening Ceremony!!!
  • The Celebrity they bring on for each opening. Who’s gonna sing for the Olympic. We’ve had Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue, Spice Girls.
  •  Olympics aren’t hypermasculine, it’s a more polite competition between the best in the world.
  • Olympic athletes train long and hard, they encounter resistance and are resilient
  • The Olympics has obscure events, such as archery, taekwondo, canoe and dressage. OK, we can identify with being a bit different and support and celebrate these athletes and their unique talents.
  • Despite crazy odds , athletes pull off amazing victories, demonstrating that barriers can be overcome. LBBTx  love to see an underdog win!