Let's talk about Fetish

30 May 2024
WRITTEN BY:pictureThanong A

Fetish doesn’t lieThereforeembrace yours as much as possible to foster a real authentic, functioning society where everyone can be comfortable in their own kinks and skins.


Fetish (n.) refers to a form of desire that is linked to a particular object or activity that people get hard and wet.


Fetishes are varied. For each their own, some people come the hardest to a non sexual fantasy. Non-sexual turn-ons range from British accents to uniforms. It’s the fact that people’s favorite body parts to fantasize upon can be hands, feet, or genitals alike. In short, it’s when sexy is more than fucking or getting fucked. 


It’s where even the most conforming one dreams about wearing the naughtiest leather sucking someone’s toes.


Fetish in Thailand 

Thailand is no stranger to the concept of fetish, with sex being one of the reasons a lot of people visit from abroad. During the Vietnam war, Thai people fucked American soldiers quite a lot since they were a little bit lonely and touch starved. Thanks to that, sex industry has grown stronger than elsewhere. It’s safe to say we are unbeatable in the game of desire, mentally and physically, one of the best at sex and every single beat of it. 


Take a walk and pay attention to the audience in Pattaya’s red light district, you will see that there are more people watching sexy scenes than people who actually have sex. It’s the voyeurism aspect of it, the naked and raw in plain sight, that satisfies the visitors. If you enjoy this side of Pattaya, congratulations! you have a kink and are quite horny, might need our help.


Fetish Venues in Thailand

After realizing your kink, here is where you can find out more and talk to people with the same taste. Explore your fetish or check out all of them if you are bored with vanilla sex.


KinkyBKK at Club Back Door

Most famous fetish events in Bangkok, Kinky BKK not only provides a safe space for people who love kinks and fetishes, but also includes art exhibitions, performances, and party events. Situated at Club Back Door, a multifunctional space operating 24/7 and home to the only darkroom in Bangkok.


Location: 60/22-23 Soi Silom 2/1, Suriyawong Subdistrict, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500


Demonia Fetish Club

One of the greatest dungeons in Asia with an awesome dark atmosphere, lit by candles that will put you into the mood as soon as you walk in. Filled with every BDSM equipment you need to realize your fantasies, you'll find in each club a cage, ropes, candles, whips and way more.


Location: 9/22 Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok 10110


The Castle Pattaya

Meet the girls in sexy fetish clothing, cosplay, cross dressing, and role play. The girls are present and eager to wear all your favorite fantasy costumes. Discover more about your kink at The Castle Fetish and Fantasy Club.


Location: 406/26 Third Pattaya Road, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150


Octopus Fetish Club

Octopus Fetish Bar, formally known as BarBar, is one of the most famous fetish destinations in the area of Patpong. It’s an iconic venue with 14 years of history. Octopus Fetish Bar welcomes both a fetish & BDSM enthusiast and newbies who wish to explore the darker side. 


Location: House number 7, Soi Patpong 2, Suriyawong Subdistrict, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500


Better let the fetish shade the light and show you the way, it’s sexy, creative, and real.

Fetish is everything