Welcome to Silom!

24 May 2024
WRITTEN BY:pictureK Soe


Welcome to Silom!


Welcome to Silom, Bangkok, Thailand. This street evokes a distinctive atmosphere, filled with a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and flavors. It’s a microcosm of Bangkok's energy, condensed into one iconic thoroughfare. Imagine towering skyscrapers casting shadows over the street, while below, vendors peddle their wares, offering everything from striking street food to fashionable attire. Flaming stir-fry dishes aromatize the lane, blending with the scent of incense wafting from nearby temples, creating a sensory symphony that's uniquely Thai.

Silom is a place where tradition meets modernity, where businesspeople sip coffee alongside backpackers, and where the pulse of the city can be felt with every step. Silom Street isn't just a road; it's an experience. Let us guide you to the must-see spots you cannot afford to miss.


The Commons Saladaeng

This open-air haven, housed in a beautifully restored warehouse, brings together a community of artisanal food vendors. From Hawaiian poke to legendary Hainanese chicken rice and Nashville hot chicken, The Commons Saladaeng promises a delicious adventure for every palate.


Find our favorite flavors at:

  • Crackhouse: Casual spot for coffee, cocktails, and light bites.
  • Hunter Poke: Your perfect Hawaiian poke bowl is ready to be built here.
  • Bun Meat & Cheese: Comfort food reigns supreme with high-quality ingredients and culinary creativity.


Lalai Sap Market

Forget fancy food halls; Bangkok's Lalai Sap Market is where it's at. This labyrinthine maze tucked off Silom Road is a sensory overload in the best way possible. Haggle with friendly stall owners over glistening mangoes, slurp down steaming bowls of noodles, and get lost in the intoxicating aroma of fresh spices. Lalai Sap isn't just a market; it's a full-on Bangkok adventure teeming with the essence of Thai cuisine.


Maha Uma Devi Temple (Wat Khaek)

Built in 1879, this South Indian-style temple is a cornerstone for the city's Hindu community and a serene refuge from Silom’s busy streets.

Respectful Visit Regulations:

  • No photography: Focus on soaking in the beauty.
  • Offerings: Bring fruits, flowers, or sweets only.
  • Menstruating women: Entry may be restricted (local custom).


Wat Hua Lamphong

This isn't your average Bangkok temple. It boasts golden stupas and serene courtyards, but it also holds a unique tradition: offering merit by donating coffins to those in need. While there isn't a minimum donation amount, a typical coffin donation costs around 500 baht (subject to change). This donation supports the Por Tek Tung foundation's mission of providing coffins to help those in need with funeral costs.


Silom Thai Cooking School

This culinary school caters to all skill levels, transforming you from tourist to temporary Thai resident—spatula in hand! Classes are capped at a small number, ensuring personalized attention and a chance to connect with fellow food enthusiasts.


Al Saray

Yearning for a transportive dining experience? Al Saray in Bangkok is waiting to take you on a trip. Cross the threshold and find yourself immersed in a world of robust spices, warm hospitality, and dishes that resonate with the soul of generations past.

With a unique menu that blends the magic of Lebanese mezze platters with the rich curries of India, using the freshest ingredients and a dedication to culinary tradition, Al Saray ensures everyone can enjoy the feast. Halal options are available, making it perfect for a family dinner, business lunch, or a night out with friends.


PULSE Clinic Silom

One of the best lifestyle clinics in the world, PULSE Clinic has more than 20 branches in 5 countries across Asia and is soon expanding to Mexico. The clinic has served over 100,000 patients over the course of nine years, showcasing its dedication to providing exceptional care.

PULSE Clinic offers top-notch services to locals and travelers, including PEP, annual supply of PrEP and HIV treatment, sexual health counseling, blood tests (no doctor fee needed!), erectile dysfunction treatment, hormone therapy, traditional Chinese medicine (cupping, gua sha, acupuncture), IV drips, and more.


Furthermore, it is a queer-owned business—founded by two gay brothers, Dr. Deyn and Khun Ton—who believe in everyone’s equality. They believe that great healthcare must be stigma-free and accessible to everyone. Their warm and knowledgeable staff and doctors are ready to welcome you to their home, taking care of you without any judgment as if you were their close friend.